About us

Empowering business owners to be the best versions of themselves.

Creating balanced lives and successful businesses - on your terms.

Visionary Group supports businesses with their business development and marketing. Providing coaching and consulting services. In addition, we have a niche range of products and services which have been developed to support mums in business.

In 2016 Rachel Allan launched When Business Meets Baby – her story of having a busy business and then a baby. Together with 30 contributors including Janine Allis and Carolyn Creswell, the book provides practical tips and tools to achieving balance. The book has led to Rachel being a sought-after coach, speaker and guest on podcasts.

We operate online and have an office in Ballarat, Victoria.

We currently employ equivalent to a full-time position, with Craig and Rachel Allan working in the business.

Visionary has a global reach with an audience that spans Australia, New Zealand, UK and America. Current clients are from Ballarat, Melbourne and Cairns.

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When Business Meets Baby

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