In 12 weeks you could transform your marketing, create new habits and, move towards your success. 

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You need to jump on board today. We have already started sending valuable pre-program information out to participants. Getting them warmed up and ready.



 The 12 week marketing accelerator program, and will move you from being lost in the marketing jungle to business growth. Creating new business habits and strengthening your business core.

All business owners suffer overwhelm, and why wouldn't we. Managing financials, legal, human resources and marketing - all before we have started making our products or delivering our services.

It is expected at the end of this program you will have a strategic marketing plan. A plan which will guide you in the next 12 months. A plan that will help you make decisions about your marketing. How you spend your budget. Where you show up. How you show up.

Here is what you get every week:

Knowledge is power - on Sunday afternoooon you will receive an email jam packed with information about the weeks  topic. Links to videos, interviews and articles so you can start the week with the basic knowledge.

Bring on te experts - on Tuesday you are invirted to a call with our weekly topic authority. Specially selected for you as someone who has had success in their oown business or achieves for their clients.

Brainstorm for clarity - on Thursday jooin in the brainstorming session. Together with Rachel and other participants you can pull apart your thoughts, gain focus and clarity.

You will receive a workbook to record your learnings and set the foundation for your plan.

You will receive a one-on-one coaching session with Rachel, use it at any time during the program.

You will have access to all the recordings and information 6 months after the program ends.

You will receive 12 weeks of intensive support as part of the group program.

You will also receive 10 weeks of support in an accoountability pod after the program ends.

You can access the implementation services of Visionary.

Join a 6 month and 12 month group review session.

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This program will give you the opportunity to think big, act big.

Promote business growth and move you toward your success.

A success you deserve.

We cover the following topics:

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~ Research ~
You competitors, Your ideal client, Your products & services, SWOT analysis

Do you focus so much on your competitors, you fail to see the uniqueness in your own business. Are you serving the clients and customers you want to? Have you been spending so much time adding to your stock, creating more and more services, you ave lost your point of difference, 

~ Strategy ~
Your business & marketing goals, Resourcing, Branding & your marketing mix

Have you lost your way with your marketing? Are you in overwhelm and not able to do everrything you want or need to? Are you needing direction and focus.

~ Campaign ~
Websites, Digital Communications, Advertising, Promotions, Content, Publicity

The possibilities are endless - but what is best for you? What will work for your business and match your personality the best? Open your mind to the marketing options available to you and create your own succesful campaigns!

~ Leads & Sales ~
Automating, Outsourcing, Planning, Review

You got this - because we will guide you to automating and outsourcing while still being true to your brand. If you get lost wth the planning and then evauating the success of your marketing - based on real results. This section will help.


Each week you will

~ receive a knowledge email ~

~ invited to an online expert discussion ~

~ attend an online brainstorm session ~

Are you ready to commit to business success?