A good coach is like your partner in business. They will understand your business, what you want to achieve and most importantly ask the tough questions and drive the business forward with you.

Rachel Allan is our marketing coach. She has coached and mentored many, many businesses – and loves lighting the path to balance and success.


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The coaching services offered at Visionary include:

Have you ever thought how someone else would see your business. What ideas they could bring to it. With a marketing plan review you will just get that.

You bring your own marketing plan and a team member at Visionary will review it - with honesty and no judgement. We will read through the plan and make comments, helping you to think bigger about your business. You will also be given an opportunity to brainstorm further any concepts or comments you do not understand.

Once you have your strategic marketing plan, through this program you are able to access Visionary's implementation services


Business can be lonely. Making decisions on your marketing can be difficult. Would you like to have that one person to talk to. The person who is in business and also has years of marketing experience. Someone who has coached hundreds of businesses, helping them to achieve success in their business. 

These sessions are for you to brainstorm problems, talk through ideas, gain focus and support for your marketing. Each session will give you actions to implement to improve your business and move towards business success.


This program works best with regular contact, each session includes a two hour coaching call and two follow-up emails sent personally by Rachel. Sessions can be held fortnightly (receive a 5% discount) or monthly. Each session will give you focus and action items, with follow-ups keeping you accountable to actions and deadlines.

These calls are not structured to give you freedom to discuss any issue related to business, life or self you maybe having at the time. You set the timing and also the length of the program. Here are some incentives to work consistently with Rachel:

At 3 calls: Receive a surprise power gift by mail

At 6 calls: Receive a reason to indulge yourself



In botanical terms pods protect the seeds until ripe and then split open to reveal them. In animal terms a pod is a group of marine animals (think whales and dolphins) or hippopotamuses who group together for protection, support and socialisation. Are you ready to step into a pod that will help you grow into a successful business?

Are you lacking accountability in your business? Would you like a group of people who will support you and believe in you? But you don't have time or money for masterminds, weekly coaching programs and so on.

Let me introduce you to Accountability Pods. You will meet your pod fellows three times formally over a 10 week period. Expanding your goals, maintaining focus and finally - CELEBRATING!

Pods will be run online through Zoom, with dates being set at the first session. You will be placed in a pod with up to 4 other people where we will match business stage, type and challenges as much as we can. There will be a secret Facebook group created for your pod, which you can use between sessions to bounce ideas, gain motivation or just vent. Remembering giving as well as taking.

The cost is $75 for one term

Once payment is received you will receive a form to complete, and then we will place you in your pod.

The next round of pods will start the week of the July 2018.



Beside a fire people are brought together. They encourage intimate conversation. They are wild and cosy at the same time. Radiating warmth and promising relaxation. Beside a fireplace anything can happen, they are magical, honest and enchanting. 

Fireside conversations by Rachel Allan is a free networking and information opportunity. These calls will bring likeminded business mums together (by the fireside) to have focused conversations on specific topics related to life and business with the aim of achieving balance. Rachel will be facilitating these conversations offering insights from her experience and the many mums she talks to on a daily basis..

To see a schedule of future campfire sessions join the Facebook group -Visionary Marketing Lounge and view the event calendar

The Facebook group which has been designed to allow for the sharing of information as it relates to marketing, allowing for collaboration amongst members and also to connecting with others in small business or marketing space. Join the Visionary marketing lounge facebook group here